Music City Ducati Owners' Club
The Music City Ducati Owners' Club is a private club of enthusiasts in the Nashville TN area.

We enjoy all things Ducati and mainly sports motorcycles. We have a varying level of age as well as motorcycle skill level.  We organize daily rides throughout most of the good weather riding season, have occasional weekend rallies plus many of our members partake in track day events.

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I have read the bylaws of the Music City Ducati Owners' Club and agree to abide by them as a member of the club. I acknowledge that this club is an entity separate from any motorcycle dealership or franchise, or any company owned by or a part of Ducati Motor, s.p.a. or any affiliates and remains a separate entity solely responsible for its actions.

On behalf of myself, my heirs, successors and assigns, I agree that the Music City Ducati Owners' Club, its officers, directors, employees and members (hereinafter the "RELEASED PARTIES") shall not be liable or responsible for injury or death or damage to my property arising out of any Music City Ducati Owners' Club activities. I understand and agree that all Music City Ducati Owners' Club members and their guests participate voluntarily and at their own risk in all Music City Ducati Owners' Club activities and I assume all risk of injury and damage arising out of the conduct of such activities. I further release, hold harmless, indemnify and will defend the "RELEASED PARTIES" from any suit, claim, cause or action arising out of any injury, death or loss to person or property which may result from my participation in Music City Ducati Owners' Club activities and RIDES. I UNDERSTAND THAT THIS RELEASE INCLUDES MY AGREEMENT NOT TO SUE ANY OF THE "RELEASED PARTIES" FOR ANY INJURY RESULTING TO MYSELF, DEATH OR DAMAGE TO MY PROPERTY ARISING FROM, OR IN CONNECTION WITH ANY ACTIVITIES OR EVENTS OR MY TRAVEL TO OR FROM ANY SUCH ACTIVITIES OR EVENTS.

I further agree to waive all benefits flowing from any state statute which would negate or limit the scope of this Release and Indemnification Agreement. By signing this Release, I certify that I have read this release and fully understand it.

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