Calendar Events
January 2021
01-19-2021January Meeting - Vote for Officers   (Show)
February 2021
02-25-2021DATE CHANGE: February Dinner/Zoom Meeting  (Show)
02-27-2021Barber Museum Visit -CANCELED!!  (Show)
March 2021
03-20-2021Italian Cars, Motorcycles and Coffe  (Show)
03-25-2021CANCELLING TONIGHT | Severe weather  (Show)
April 2021
04-03-2021MCD Only Event
04-29-2021April Dinner Meeting -UPDATED!!  (Show)
May 2021
05-22-2021Italian Cars (Motos) & Coffee NEW 8AM start  (Show)
05-23-2021Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 2021  (Show)
05-27-2021May Desmo Owner Club Meeting  (Show)
June 2021
06-24-2021June Dinner Meeting  (Show)
July 2021
07-10-2021Italian Cars (Motos) & Coffee  (Show)
07-29-2021MCD Only Event
August 2021
08-13-2021Mara Machines 1979 Street Party Evening Ride  (Show)
08-26-2021August Dinner Meet-Up and Bike Night  (Show)
September 2021
09-23-2021September Desmo Meeting  (Show)
09-25-2021MCD Only Event
09-25-2021TonUp British Bike SHOW   (Show)
October 2021
10-13-2021ON ANY SUNDAY - Movie remastered  (Show)
10-20-2021MCD Only Event